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Nampa measures in the Middle East women traveling alone | Lonely ... Jordan Hashemite Kingdom Introduction Kingdom of Jordan, which is located in the middle-east and west Asia. Israel, Palestinian Autonomous Region, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and in contact with Syria and the border, often relatively security in this region, is a country which is the cornerstone of Middle East peace diplomacy. 0 of the land belongs to the desert, to the west at the northern end of the Great Rift Valley, there is the Jordan Valley with the Dead Sea, by the mild climate and the recent development of irrigation technology even in winter, to the major producer of vegetables and fruits developed. 0 years later, a number of Syrian refugees fled to Jordan, has sent a living. Performance of our Second Amman metropolitan area water supply facilities improvement plan of the year (the expansion work of the wood water purification plant) in the beginning, as the northern region Syria refugees accepted community water sector emergency improvement plan to in recent years 0 years, was completed Water Supply Improvement.

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