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Nampa measures in the Middle East women traveling alone | Lonely ... Middle East security information Arekore The Obon using the vacation you often also customers who come to Jordan, but ... there in the news that there was a firefight in Jordan of Salto. Salto to like terrorist hideout there was some, now shootout between the police officers. Finally hideout seems the culprit themselves blew up. The video that captured the moment of how the building will be blown up has arrived from Jordan. Since I could not paste the Twitter, URL only. He died policeman at this time of the shootings the name, seemed to have come up with several people or wounded. Is that it's name at the moment of arrest has been. Well ... a good annoying when I was on the residents of Salto, I think it was a feeling that suddenly the shooting started, the building collapsed ... What fancy is. It is that there was a hideout of anti-government molecular Why do not you open the lid. It may interview to the town of residents when something of incident has occurred is reported in Japan.

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