[Dakar Rally] off the South America, to the "second chapter" ... ...

Nampa measures in the Middle East women traveling alone | Lonely ... [Dakar Rally] off the South America, "the first chapter" 00 years to the ... next time in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East - the day held Decided that the next convention of the Dakar Rally (00 years tournament) will be held in Saudi Arabia, the route has also been published. Africa, followed by South America, the Dakar Rally is shifted to "first chapter" in the Middle East. Sponsored by the side of the Dakar rally expressed the Middle East Saudi Arabia held the 00-year tournament at the stage of the day, to publish more information on the day, it announced the transition to the first chapter in the stage method called. The dates of the next 00 years convention Monday to date (the competition schedule), to start the Red Sea coast of Jeddah (JEDDAH), intermediate resting place in the capital Riyadh (RYJADH), Al - Kiddiya (AL QIDDIYA) process to finish land the now (there is also a different reading on the place name). Dakar Rally originally Paris-Dakar Rally, began to spread to the world as commonly known as the Paris-Dakar.

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